What is Aqua Reign?

Aqua Reign stands as a groundbreaking water display, strategically crafted to command your attention. This revolutionary system expertly orchestrates thousands of water droplets, releasing them in a mesmerizing sequence to form dynamic and awe-inspiring moving images. Beyond just capturing attention, it evokes a sense of sheer amazement.

Versatility is at the core of our system, capable of displaying images ranging from logos to text, effectively conveying your company’s message. Unparalleled in flexibility, our system sets itself apart by eliminating the need for external water sources or extravagant power demands.

Flexible solution

Aqua Reign's modules can connect to each other to reach lengths over 100 feet

Plug and play

Aqua Reign runs off standard 120 volt power and recycles its own water supply

Rent or buy

From the trade show floor to your lobby, Aqua Reign can be rented or permanently installed