Permanent Installation

Learn a little bit more about our permanent installations.

Constructed for enduring reliability, our permanent Digital Water Curtain system is engineered to withstand years of trouble-free use. Installing the system permanently requires minimal additional planning, usually involving straightforward electrical plans and basic plumbing for extended use.

Circular Digital Water Curtain at The Pointe. Bahamas.

Digital Water Curtain at Houston Center, Houston, TX

Digital Water Curtain at Minter Park, Abilene

And many more… Check our portfolio


How much does it cost to purchase the system for permanent installation?

Each project is custom in design. Feel free to contact us so we can provide you with an accurate quote.

What if we encounter a problem with the system?

Included with the Digital Water Curtain system is one year of technical support. In the event of any issues, our team of highly trained experts is ready to provide assistance and ensure a smooth resolution.

Is there any maintenance that needs to be performed on the system?

Designed for long-term durability, our system requires routine maintenance to guarantee optimal performance, much like a car. Regular maintenance involves tasks such as cleaning valves, changing filters, and maintaining the correct water balance. Explore our expert maintenance contracts for comprehensive assistance. Contact us for further details.

What do I need to prepare so that the system can be properly installed?

You will need to have electrical and plumbing prepared prior to installation. Use a standard 120 Volt outlet for power. Water is necessary for system replenishment due to evaporation. Consider a local water treatment company for hard water, algae, and bacteria unless a maintenance contract is purchased. Contact us for specific application specifications.

How long does it take to permanently install an Aqua Reign system?

Installation typically requires around two days once proper wiring and plumbing are in place. The timeline may vary based on system size and installation complexity. Reach out to us for additional details.