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Digital Water Curtain at Minter Park, Abilene

Project: DWC Minter Park, Abilene, TX

Project Team: Lumiartecnia Internacional, Aquareign, Rosenbaum Engineering

Architect: Weatherl & Associates, PLLC

Client: City of Abilene, Texas


Downtown Abilene’s historic Vera Hall Minter Memorial Park is now open for the public to enjoy once again, after the completion of a major reconstruction effort, made possible by several community members and organizations of Abilene.

A 30’ long Digital Water Curtain drops water words and evolving liquid patterns, lighted with colorful LED spotlights, on a river rock bed backdrop. When the Digital Water Curtain is off, then automatically 9 limestone “bubblers” will form to ensure that there always will be water flowing in this space.

The City of Abline recovers an important gathering place, keeping existing trees and the overall feel of being a memorial park while becomes more user friendly so that those in wheelchairs and walkers can have better access.

A limestone wall behind the water curtain will serve as a backdrop/projection wall. This set up creates a stage that will allow a band or one-act play to have a downtown venue. Other improvements to the park include a limestone backdrop for the water curtain, multiple handicap-accessible entrances and improved mobility through the park, a small stage, multi-purpose limestone pedestals that can be used as seats or small tables, cafe style tables, and grass areas for relaxing.

Project Photos

A selection of photos that describe our project and its development.