Elevate your next event or trade show with an unforgettable experience! Engage your guests with the mesmerizing harmony of thousands of falling water droplets in perfect sequence.

Our service is synonymous with reliability and efficiency, catering to a diverse range of trade shows and events. Renting an Aqua Reign system is effortless with us.

Just share the details of your exhibition, and leave the rest to us. Our skilled technicians will handle both the setup and teardown of the display. Plan your occasion and get ready to captivate the gathering crowd, as they become entranced by the captivating Aqua Reign system.


You can rent our equipment for fairs or congresses.


Leave your crowded amazed, create something unforgettable.


Have a presentation up to your product, leave an impression.


What if Aqua Reign is not available in my area?

Our system is globally deployable, and in many instances, only one technician is required with onsite assistance. Additional costs include travel expenses, technician fees, freight and import/export fees.

Are the systems for indoor or outdoor use?

Our systems excel in both indoor and outdoor settings.

How long does the system take to setup?

The average time to setup the system is approximately 4-8 hours (this is done by a trained Aqua Reign technician). Of course this depends on the length of the system.

Do I have to setup / teardown the system?

No, in-fact, an Aqua Reign technician will be there to setup the system and will be onsite for the entire show or event to ensure the system is working flawlessly. When the event concludes, the technician will teardown the system.

How much does the system cost to rent?

Numerous factors influence rental pricing, as each event may have unique requirements. Feel free to reach out to us, and our experts will discuss and consider these factors to provide you with a more accurate estimate tailored to your specific event.

Do I need to prepare anything for the rented system?

The customer needs to supply space, power (120 Volt Standard), and a water source (for the initial fill-up – The system recycles its own water).

What is included when renting the Aqua Reign system?

Rentals consist of backdrops, water systems, Digital Water Curtains and operating systems.